ipSpace.net Blog Is in a Public GitHub Repository

I migrated my blog to Hugo two years ago, and never regretted the decision. At the same time I implemented version control with Git, and started using GitHub (and GitLab for a convoluted set of reasons) to host the blog repository.

After hesitating for way too long, I decided to go one step further and made the blog repository public. The next time a blatant error of mine annoys you fork it, fix my blunder(s), and submit a pull request (or write a comment and I’ll fix stuff like I did in the past).


  1. This is a good step. Thanks for your contributions to the industry.

  2. May I ask where did you end up hosting your blog on? GitHub pages? Public cloud object store? Something else altogether?

    1. I wanted to use Cloudflare Pages. Unfortunately they don't like URLs ending in .html and automatically convert them, and I wanted to avoid the extra RTT caused by redirection messages.

      GitHub Pages was another viable alternative, but they still have a few restrictions I was not totally comfortable with.

      In the end, I settled on GitLab Pages. They have a few quirks (like sporadic short-term downtimes) that might force me to reconsider my decision, but they work so far.

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