Contribute to netlab: OSPFv3

Every other blue moon I get a question along the lines of “how could I contribute to netlab”. The process is pretty streamlined and reasonably (I hope) documented in Contributor Guidelines; if you want to get started with an easy task, try implementing OSPFv3 for one of almost a dozen devices (vSRX implementation by Stefano Sasso is a picture-perfect example):

When testing your implementation, please test:

  • P2P, LAN and stub links
  • Numbered and unnumbered IPv6 links
  • Different network types
  • Multiple OSPF areas and OSPF costs

Finally a word of caution: we follow the you wrote it, you own it principle, so be ready to fix the bugs if needed.

Revision History

Added a link to a sample commit (OSPFv3 on vSRX)
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