Feedback: Business Aspects of Networking

Every other blue moon someone asks me to do a not-so-technical presentation at an event, and being a firm believer in frugality I turn most of them into live webinar sessions collected under the Business Aspects of Networking umbrella.

At least some networking engineers find that perspective useful. Here’s what Adrian Giacometti had to say about that webinar:

You will NEVER see this kind of material in traditional training since it is usually hidden from engineers. This is a great asset to understand and improve how to take technical decisions from a business perspective. That will change how your peers and managers perceive you. It is a great compilation based on real field experience of the non-technical aspects of networking but focused on the business it supports, which is, in turn, the main reason for the network to exist.

Parts of that webinar are already available with Free subscription. You need Standard or Expert Subscription to watch the whole webinar or attend the live sessions.

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