Feedback: How Networks Really Work

A few weeks ago I asked my subscribers which webinar they’d like to see in November (thanks a million to everyone who replied!). Not surprisingly, network automation got the top spot, but I was a bit sad to see my long-term pet project at the bottom of the list:

On the other hand, there are people enjoying relearning the fundamentals. This is what Christopher had to say about the How Networks Really Work webinar:

Ivan has much to say on any topic. He clearly enjoys and explores his subject. I’m working through Nokia SROS from the ground-up at the moment after a career of Cisco and Juniper in ISP environments and a 2 year hiatus where I forgot it all. Ivan is bringing it all back to life for me and renewing my interest.

Parts of that webinar are already available with Free subscription. You need Standard or Expert Subscription to watch the whole webinar or attend the live sessions.

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