Feedback: Mastering Cloud Networking

Most of the public cloud training seems focused on developers. No surprise there, they are the usual beachhead public cloud services need to get into large organizations. Unfortunately, once the production applications start getting deployed into public cloud infrastructure, someone has to take over operations, and that’s where the fun starts.

For whatever reason, there aren’t that many resources helping the infrastructure operations teams understand how to deal with this weird new world, at least according to the feedback Jawed left on Azure Networking webinar:

I have been watching cloud networking videos, and those are very detailed. I have also purchased subscriptions from other vendors on cloud networking, but nothing matches Ivan’s clear explanations of cloud networking concepts.

There’s just one gotcha: AWS and Azure are launching new services every week. Fortunately, Azure uses the typical big enterprise vendor approach and talks about stuff for a year before it becomes production-ready, so I have time to catch up.

AWS is a different beast. I have to do an update session every few months. The next one is tomorrow (register here) and we’ll cover interesting stuff like Transit Gateway Connect, intra-VPC routing, AWS Private Link (an old service, but still missing from webinar materials), and Custom Global Accelerators.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    Sorry if the answer is just a click away, I did not find in my 2-minute search :) Do you cover solutions such as Aviatrix ? or other such "overlay networking in the clouds" solution.

    Thanks, Mat

    1. Hi,

      I have a generic "over the cloud" approach described in but nothing on Aviatrix so far.

      I know I have to fix that... but there's only so much time.

      Thanks for the question! Ivan

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