Reader Question: What Networking Blogs Would You Recommend?

A junior networking engineer asked me for a list of recommended entry-level networking blogs. I have no idea (I haven’t been in that position for ages); the best I can do is to share my list of networking-related RSS feeds and the process I’m using to collect interesting blogs:


  • RSS is your friend. Find a decent RSS reader. I’m using Feedly – natively in a web browser and with various front-ends on my tablet and phone (note to Google: we haven’t forgotten you killed Reader because you weren’t making enough money with it).
  • If a blog doesn’t have an RSS feed I’m not interested.

Growing Your List

  • Find a few blogs that publish “worth reading” lists to get you started.
  • Whenever you stumble upon an interesting new blog, explore a bit, and if you find it interesting, add it to your RSS reader. You can always drop it later.
  • Do the same thing whenever you’re googling around and find an interesting source of information.
  • Follow links in blog posts you read. Sometimes they point to other blogs. See above.

In the end, you’ll have a list of dozens RSS sources tailored to your interests. Don’t worry about missing something really interesting. Whatever web site has plenty of good content, or is worth reading, will eventually turn up in your searches or “worth reading” lists… and you’ll have too much to read anyway.

Starting Points

Obviously you need a starting point for the above process. Here are a few:

I know I’ve missed some good ones – write a comment ;)


  1. Cloud Network + Automation goodies

    (Shameless self-promotion)

  2. https: //

    Was featured as a "Worth Reading" just last week!

    (Also shamelessly self-promoting)

  3. I get sad when the first network blog I found 20 years ago (and it is still amazing) gets overlooked. Peter Welcher's writing at Netcraftsmen is second to none.

  4. https: // - great rss feed aggregator :)
  5. Jason Gintert's "Bits in Flight" is always a good read. Jason's a great resource that plays in lots of tech realms.

  6. There is one more guy that brings all network stuff to it's reality with practitioner insights and how to go about it in real by setting up rules and guidelines.

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