Webinars in 2021

After deciding to take a slightly longer coffee break I went through the list of outstanding projects trying to figure out which ones I could complete in first half of 2021, which ones I’ll get to “eventually” and what’s a lost cause.

This blog post is occasionally updated to track our progress (last update on June 26, 2021). Check the Revision History for details.

Guest Speakers

We squeezed as many guest speakers as we could into the first half of 2021. Here’s what we managed to do:

Missed the Boat

  • We did not manage to redo the NETCONF/YANG material.

Webinar Updates

There are a few things I simply have to update to feel good (last status update on June 26, 2021):

Still on To-Do List

Long-term Projects

I will keep working on How Networks Really Work webinar. The current plan is to cover the details of routing protocols including fun stuff like LFA, rLFA, TI-LFA, PIC, NSF, SSO..

I will also add HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and QUIC to the TCP, HTTP and SPDY webinar. I will get it done – I just don’t know when it might happen.

Potential Update Candidates

These webinars would deserve an update, but I won’t make any promises:

What I can promise is that I WILL NOT spend any more time going through the vendor data sheets to update the product overview parts of Data Center Fabric Architectures. Creating those updates was one of the worst content creation experience I ever had.

Not Going to Happen

I had a few more ideas on the back burner. They might happen in another lifetime ;)

  • OpenStack Networking
  • Open Networking on Linux
  • BGP Security and MANRS

Have I missed anything? Please send me an email (if you’re a subscriber you know how to reach me, otherwise use the Contact form).

Revision History

  • Completed Kubernetes, ACI, and Reliability webinars
  • Unplanned webinars: AI/ML in networking, multi-vendor EVPN deployments
  • Expanded routing design part of leaf-and-spine fabrics webinar
  • Added Gateway Load Balancer and Network Firewall to AWS webinar
  • Added Virtual WAN and Virtual Hubs to Azure webinar
  • Cristian Sirbu is doing the Network Automation Tools update session.
  • Introduction to cloud networking is complete.
  • Reliability course has started.
  • Data models part of automation concepts is mostly complete, more to come in late spring.
  • Kubernetes Deep Dive is progressing nicely.
Updated with a few more things to fix found in January 2021
  • Have to add Virtual Hub to Azure webinar
  • Ansible webinar needs an updated debugging playbooks section.

Status update:

  • We completed NSX-T federation sessions in January.
  • Ansible Creating Reusable Code section has been updated.
  • We have the final webinar outline for Automation Concepts and extensions to Reliability Theory.
  • Miha Markočič completed AWS examples.

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  1. Hi Ivan,

    You may want to consider:

    • Python for Network Engineers Deep Dive
    • Linux & Linux Networking/APIs for Network Engineers Deep Dive
    • TCP Deep Dive Series
    • MPLS-TE & SR-TE Deep Dives
    • Smart NIC deep dive under Data Center for Network Engineers Webinars
    • Service Insertion (LB, Firewall etc) & Service Chaining + Routing under Leaf & Spine
    • Visibility, Reporting, Performance Mgmt & Troubleshooting in Leaf & Spine Fabric
  2. Thanks for the suggestions... I'm just wondering what happened to the "I'm taking a break" idea ;))

    BTW, the sane version of service insertion (VLAN chaining or VRF chaining) is described in leaf-and-spine webinar. I will NOT talk about other ideas - they should be left in PowerPoint where they belong.

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