Feedback: AWS Networking

Deciding to create AWS Networking and Azure Networking webinars wasn’t easy – after all, there’s so much content out there covering all aspects of public cloud services, and a plethora of certification trainings (including free training from AWS).

Having that in mind, it’s so nice to hear from people who found our AWS webinar useful ;)

Even though we are working with these technologies and have the certifications, there are always nuggets of information in these webinars that make it totally worthwhile. A good example in this series was the ingress routing feature updates in AWS.

It can be hard to filter through the noise from cloud providers to get to the new features that actually make a difference to what we are doing. This series does exactly that for me. Brilliant as always.

Other engineers use our webinars to prepare for AWS certifications – read this blog post by Jedadiah Casey for more details.

AWS Networking and Azure Networking webinars are available with Standard Subscription. For even deeper dive into cloud networking check out our Networking in Public Cloud Deployments online course.

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