Video: Public Cloud Networking Overview

Donal O Duibhir was trying to get me to present at INOG for ages, and as much as I’d love to get to Ireland we always had a scheduling conflict.

Last week we finally made it work - unfortunately only in a virtual event, so I got none of the famous Irish beer - and the video about alternate universes of public cloud networking is already online.

Maximilian Wilhelm had great fun turning my usual black-and-white statements into tweets, including:

Everyone wanting to scale beyond that [1000 cloud/VM hosts] will figure out that Layer2 is a toxic environment

Multi-cloud works best in Powerpoint

And someone promising this umbrella multicloud thingie is somewhere between delusional and lying

To set the context: I think I was talking about people promising seamless workload deployment across multiple clouds.

In the end there will be a VM somewhere. Serverless means, you outsourced the sysadmin

Enjoy… and don’t forget to watch the fantastic Psychology of IPv6 presentation by Veronika McKillop.

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