Webinars in May 2020

Being stuck at home like most everyone else we’re continuing the increased pace of content production in May 2020:

  • I’ll continue the Introduction to Containers and Docker update. We got through the basics the last time and will cover Linux namespaces and how Docker uses them on May 5th.
  • We finally found an independent guest speaker familiar with Cisco ACI. Mario Rosi will start the Cisco ACI series with an introductory webinar on May 12th.
  • Dinesh Dutt will continue his Network Automation Tools update on May 19th.
  • Hoping to get through Introduction to Docker on May 5th, I plan to do a deep dive into Docker Networking on May 26.
  • Finally, I’m positive I won’t cover all the bridging and routing material I created in today’s webinar, so we’ll continue with routing protocol basics on May 28th.
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