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Master Infrastructure-as-Code and Immutable Infrastructure Principles

Doing the same thing and hoping for a different result is supposedly a definition of insanity… and managing public cloud deployments with an unrepeatable sequence of GUI clicks comes pretty close to it.

Engineers who mastered the art of public cloud deployments realized decades ago that the only way forward is to treat infrastructure in the same way as any other source code:

  • Keep the infrastructure definition in a set of text-based configuration files;
  • Keep track of changes with a version control tool (Git if you want to be hip, RCS if you’re an aging guru with socks and sandals);
  • Use an infrastructure-as-code tool to align the current state of your infrastructure with the desired state defined in your configuration files. If this sounds like an intent-based system, you’re right - smart engineers were doing it way before marketers realized the selling value of another buzzword).

In our Networking in Public Cloud Deployments online course, we’ll explore the automated cloud infrastructure deployments, infrastructure-as-code tools, and related concepts like immutable infrastructure. Going one step further, you’ll use these concepts throughout the hands-on exercises. We expect you’ll submit your solutions as a set of deployment-ready text files in a Git repository using any tool of your choice. You could use vendor-specific tools like AWS CloudFormation or Azure Resource Manager, multi-cloud tools like Ansible or Terraform, or whatever other tools you want to try out.

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