1. Hi Ivan,

    Interesting article indeed.

    But in my view what Terry is talking about is Reliability Engineering in general and how to apply those techniques to Network Engineering.

    But what article doesn't describe is how to bridge the gap between IT and Computer Science in general. As we both know, IT works on top of abstraction and CS works on layers deep inside.

    That's one of the reason in my view usually IT guys including Network Engineers though always talk about concepts such as Complexity, Reliability, High Availability and so forth, they don't necessarily understand what's working deep inside behind the scenes. But I guess they don't need to either as that's what separate IT from CS.

    Based on my own analysis and trends in the industry today, somehow I feel CS is becoming more and more relevant as the stacks and solutions are getting more and more close to Application layer to solve some of old problems which otherwise Network and IT guys tried to solve at lower layers from OSI stack standpoint.

    Thoughts ?
    1. Almost exactly a year old... ;)

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