Worth Reading: the Lure of the Easy Button

Russ White wrote a great blog post explaining why you have to understand the problem you’re solving instead of blindly believing the $vendor slide deck… or as I said a long time ago, think about how you’ll troubleshoot your network in because you won’t be able to reformat it once it crashes.

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that people buying shrink-wrapped integrated solutions don’t care about what Russ or myself have to say, it’s much easier to believe in Santa Claus and blame the vendor when the brown substance hits the fan.

On the other hand, if you want to understand how networking really works we’re working on materials that will help you get there - we plan to have Dinesh Dutt delve into interesting aspects of open networking that vendors usually don’t talk about, and I started my How Networking Technologies Really Works series in June 2019 (check out the public videos available with free ipSpace.net subscription).

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