Automation Solution: L3VPN Topology

Here’s another “let’s use network automation tools to create reports we couldn’t get in the past” (like IP multicast trees) solution coming from an attendee in our network automation course: Paddy Kelly created L3VPN graphs detailing PE-to-CE connectivity using Cisco’s pyATS to parse the Cisco IOS printouts.

You’ll find dozens of other interesting solutions on our Sample Network Automation Solutions page - all of them were created by networking engineers who knew almost nothing about network automation or open-source automation tools when they started our automation course.


  1. Glad to see that Cisco provides parser (so not everyone has to find it out themself) for text output of their devices but they would do better if their devices would output structured data in a common data format (see also your RFP requirements). Parsers are just a workaround.
  2. Well done, Paddy!
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