Master the Alternate "Public Cloud Networking" Universe

You probably heard me say “networking engineer encountering a public cloud feels like Alice in Wonderland” - packet forwarding works in a different way in every public cloud, subnets are a mix between routed interfaces and VRFs, you cannot change IP addresses without involving the orchestration system…

We covered the networking aspects of Amazon Web Services and Azure in our cloud webinars, but you might need a bigger picture:

  • How do you integrate public cloud with your existing data centers or WAN infrastructure?
  • How do you build high-availability architectures using public cloud resources?
  • How do you automate cloud deployments to make them consistent and repeatable?
  • How do you implement traditional network services (firewalling and load balancing) needed by your legacy applications in public clouds?

Finally (in case you get involved in those discussions), how do you re-architect existing applications to make them work better in public clouds?

We’ll address all these topics in the new Networking in Public Cloud Deployments online course starting in February 2020… and all you have to do is to register today.

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