Networking in Public Clouds - New Online Course

I have exciting news I’d love to share with you: we’re launching a new online course focused on networking in public clouds starting in February 2020 (I’ve been mulling over this idea and polishing the concept for almost 18 months, and finally it all came together ;)

With Go To The Cloud becoming the answer to all questions (regardless of what the question is), you can find tons of materials describing various aspects of public clouds, so you might wonder why I decided to enter the fray. The answer is simple: with everyone being focused on developers, there’s not much that an infrastructure engineer could use to help him survive when the developers move on and he’s left to manage whatever they put in place.

Apart from focusing on the obvious topics (networking in public clouds, integrating public cloud deployment with enterprise WAN and data centers, implementing network services and high availability) we’ll also give you an overview of adjacent topics from compute (virtual machines, containers and serverless) and storage, to infrastructure-as-code principles and cloud-native application architectures.

Regardless of whether you already have to deal with cloud deployments, or just try to improve your career prospects by mastering an important topic, do check out the new course. We’re still working out the kinks and completing the details, but if you trust us enough, you can register at the never-again-available believer price.

Hope you’ll join us for some cloudy fun!

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