Automation Solution: Deploy BGP Routing with YANG Data Models

A while ago Ruben Tripiana tried to configure BGP on Cisco IOS using IETF YANG data models… and failed. In Spring 2019 Building Network Automation Solutions online course Chris Crook decided to deploy BGP routing on multiple platforms using YANG data models instead of configuration templates. Not only did he succeed, he also documented his work and the tools he used, and published the solution so you can replicate his efforts.

You can find many more network automation solutions created by the attendees of our automation course in solutions showcase.


  1. What are the advantages of using YANG data models instead of configuration templates?

    Btw: Chris's BGP example is only about Juniper vQFX. Where are the other platform examples?
    1. 1. some YANG modules are vendor agnostic
      2. You can retrieve any operational data with RESTCONF/NETCONF. Parsing YANG is much easier than SNMP MIBS
      3. It can be used to set up a gRPC telemetry
      4. using pyang with pyangbind you can generate a python class hierarchy from a given yang model.
    2. Couldn't resist commenting on "Parsing YANG is much easier than SNMP MIBS" - seems pretty easy to use, and I'm positive someone could quickly whip up Python class hierarchy from a given SMI MIB if one would be so inclined.

      However, it wouldn't be a shiny new thing, so let's YANG the world ;))
    3. I mean parsing by naked eyes. althought it can be difficult too.
      anyway json is much more convenient than asn.1
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