It's Time for Another Pet Project

More than a decade ago I decided to start a pet project: a blog describing interesting details of networking technologies. The idea quickly morphed into vendor-neutral webinars - the first one took place in February 2010. A year or two later I had my first guest speaker and as of today we had more than 50 industry experts participating in webinars and online courses.

In the meantime the team grew: I had video and audio editors for years, Irena Marčetič took over marketing, logistics, and production in 2018, and we got a team of webinar moderators that will help us with guest speaker webinars (last week we ran the first guest speaker webinar where I didn’t have to be involved - hooray ;)

Hopefully this will give me a bit more time to get back to my pet project: explaining the fundamentals of how networks really work. We’ll start the journey on June 18th, and while you won’t be able to attend the live sessions without having a paid subscription I’ll make most of the materials part of the free subscription.

However, here’s how you can earn your seat in the live sessions even if you don’t have an subscription: send me a really cool question you’d like to see addressed in the webinar and if I decide to talk about it, you’ll be there to ask additional questions ;)


  1. I have a really good question (it's one of your favourite ones): What problem or problems are we trying to solve with networks?
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