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Automation Solution: Find Source of STP Topology Changes

Topology changes are a bane of large STP-based networks, and when they become a serious challenge you could probably use a tool that could track down what’s causing them.

I’m sure there’s a network management tool out there that can do just that (please write a comment if you know one); Eder Gernot decided to write his own while working on a hands-on assignment in the Building Network Automation Solutions online course. Like most course attendees he published the code on GitHub and might appreciate pull requests ;)

Wonder what else course attendees created in the past? Here’s a small sample.


  1. What about the performance of those self made Python scripts? Generators and multithreading come ultimately to mind. I always fail because of them.
    1. Choose your tool wisely ;) Multithreading is not needed when you backtrace toward the source of the problem.
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