Automation Solution: Create Network Diagram from BGP Data in Nornir

Chris Crook decided to work on a pretty typical problem for his second hands-on assignment in the Building Network Automation Solutions online course: create a network diagram from adjacency data.

He decided to rely on BGP adjacencies (I would usually use LLDP) and added an interesting twist: instead of Ansible he used Nornir with NAPALM.

We would usually generate network diagrams with Graphviz, but Chris found a JavaScript library that takes graph description in DOT format and displays it dynamically in a web page. Pure awesomeness ;)

You can view his solution on GitHub (I like how clean his Python code looks) and learn more about Nornir straight from its author: David Barroso did a deep dive into Nornir during the Autumn 2018 automation course (content accessible to course attendees and users with Expert Subscription).


  1. Nice work Chris!
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