Worth Reading: Blockchain and Trust

One of the rules of sane social media presence should be don’t ever engage with evangelists believing in a particular technology religion, more so if their funding depends on them spreading the gospel. I was called old-school networking guru from ivory tower when pointing out the drawbacks of TRILL, and clueless incompetent (in more polite words) when retweeting a tweet pointing out the realities of carbon footprint of proof-of-work technologies.

Interestingly, just a few days after that Bruce Schneier published a lengthy essay on blockchain and trust, and even the evangelists find it a bit hard to call him incompetent on security topics. Please read what he wrote every time someone comes along explaining how blockchains will save the world (or solve whatever networking problems like VTEP-to-MAC mappings).


  1. Problem being, when you hear from respected (i.e. trusted) sources incoherent messages you end up stranded... your only exit might be making your own choice based either on your criteria (out of scope sometimes) or in (random?) choosing of one.
    Many go with one and start making reasons to support the decission :)
  2. This ties in with another worrying trend I seem to remember you've also blogged out before: people dismissing experts. Be it climate change, inoculation (ie people refusing vaccination for their children), "disruptive" technology, immigration & crime, ...
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