New: Expert Subscription

Earlier this month I got this email from someone who had attended one of my online courses before and wanted to watch another one of them:

Is it possible for you to bundle a 1 year subscription at no extra cost if I purchase the Building Next-Generation Data Center course?

We were planning to do something along these lines for a long time, and his email was just what I needed to start a weekend-long hackathon.

End result: Expert Subscription. It includes:

  • Standard subscription;
  • One self-paced online course of your choice (that you choose after buying the subscription).

There’s also a team version of expert subscription and we’re working on another bundle that will combine expert subscription with online consulting.


  • Self-paced online courses do not include live sessions;
  • Access to the online course materials is limited to the duration of your Expert subscription.

After a year you could decide to:

  • Buy a new expert subscription and get access to another online course;
  • Renew standard subscription and keep access to webinars (and the course Slack team – I hate cleanup jobs).


  1. And where is the unlimited lifetime subscription for 10$ you've promised?
    1. Here and it’s even cheaper than you thought.
    2. That's misleading. Maybe I should call the internet police.
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