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Feedback: Data Center Infrastructure for Networking Engineers

When I created the Data Center Infrastructure for Networking Engineers webinar, I wanted to reach these goals:

  • Understand the data center acronym soup;
  • Build a conceptual framework of the data center technologies and solutions.

Every now and then I get feedback from a happy attendee telling me how the webinar helped them. Here’s what I got earlier this month:

As a network engineer spending most of my time designing, testing and implementing network functionality, this webinar gave me information that will improve the dialogue between my network silo and silos for virtualization, storage and load balancing.

Even though it is possible to dig much deeper in the different fields this webinar makes it possible for me to ask the right questions. The other teams really depend on vendors and do what they tell them, I'm hoping a few well formulated questions will make them think for themselves and about the choices/design aspects.

In autumn 2018, I’ll try to squeeze a redesign of the data center networking part of the webinar into my overloaded schedule. The material is mostly complete, I just have to find time to polish and deliver it.

During the summer break, I’m publishing blog posts about the projects I’m working on. Regular blog posts will return in autumn.

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