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Worth Reading: Fake News in IT

Stumbled upon “Is Tech News Fake” article by Tom Nolle. Here’s the gist of his pretty verbose text:

When readers pay for news, they get news useful to readers.  When vendors pay, not only do the vendors get news they like, the rest of us get that same story.  It doesn’t mean that the story being told is a lie, but that it reflects the view of an interested party other than the reader.

High-quality content is not cheap, so always ask yourself: who’s paying for the content… and if it’s not you, you may be the product.

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  1. I'm always trusting the opposite of what's written or spoken, so I can be sure that I'm right. I also did the same with your text.
    1. Welcome back, my "friend". You're a living proof of
    2. I'm surprised that you didn't delete my comment this time. Censorship is as evil as faking news. But I can handle that. That's life, it goes up and down.
    3. I think you have a serious problem in understanding how the civilized world works. Someone's web site is not a public property like Hyde Park corner where you could do anything you feel like (well, not even there, but that's another story).

      If you come visit me (hiding under a mask) and start littering or spraying graffiti all over the place, I'll kick you out. You're a guest, and I expect you to behave. Plain and simple. Censorship has nothing to do with it - nobody is telling you you can't spread your views on your own web site or anywhere else you wish.
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