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Book: EVPN in Data Center

The EVPN in the Data Center book by Dinesh Dutt, the author of EVPN Technical Deep Dive webinar and member of ExpertExpress team has finally been published. It’s currently kept safe behind Cumulus Networks regwall, but as O’Reilly published it, I would expect it to be available through other channels in the future.

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  1. Excellent book. Got to read the book. Explains the EVPN Tyep 2 MAC/IP from ARP and ND Cache perspective.

  2. It's free with Cumulus registration - awesome!

  3. this site contain value content but i cant access any of them
    i hop to get it

  4. Excellent book. Thanks a lot.

  5. so amazing the book is excellent, however I can't download it, I just read it in the browser.


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