Video: What Is PowerNSX?

One of the beauties of VMware NSX is that it’s fully API-based – you can automate any aspect of it by writing a script (or using any of the network automation tools) that executes a series of well-defined (and well-documented) API calls.

To make that task even easier, VMware released PowerNSX, an open-source library of PowerShell commandlets that abstract the internal details of NSX API and give you an easy-to-use interface (assuming you use PowerShell as your automation tool).

When Anthony Burke described PowerNSX in a short webinar in 2017, he started with a simple question: “What is PowerNSX?

You’ll need at least free subscription to watch the video.

Want to know more about VMware NSX? We’ll run an NSX-focused event and a NSX Deep Dive workshop in Zurich on April 19th 2018, an overview webinar comparing NSX, ACI and EVPN on March 1st, and a deep dive in VMware NSX architecture later in 2018.


  1. "One of the beauties of VMware NSX is that it’s fully API-based"

    A couple of points to set customer expectations here.

    1.) While the NSX API may support all functions, PowerNSX does not. Last I looked some important NSX DFW and Service Composer functions were missing.

    2.) VMware does NOT officially support PowerNSX. Meaning that if you build PowerNSX functions into your enterprise procedures and something goes dreadfully wrong, you will NOT be able to rely on VMware to support you. The frustrating thing is that PowerCLI (vSphere) IS officially supported. In my opinion, VMware NSBU needs to step up and also provide full support for PowerNSX.
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