Webinars in 2017

2017 was one of the busiest years since I started the ipSpace.net project.

It started with an Ansible for Networking Engineers session covering advanced Ansible topics and network device configurations. Further sessions of that same webinar throughout 2017 added roles, includes, extending Ansible with dynamic inventory, custom modules and filters, and using NAPALM with Ansible.

The Network Automation Use Cases webinar got sections on data center fabric automation and network services automation.

Mitja Robas (NIL) and Anthony Burke (VMware) did a free webinar on using PowerShell and PowerNSX for network automation.

Networking in Private and Public Cloud got a major facelift in April, followed by updated compute and virtualization part of Data Center 3.0 webinar that now includes in-depth coverage of containers and Docker.

In early May Terry Slattery explained how to size the network capacity, and later that month Russ White and Shawn Zandi did a deep dive into whitebox switching and open networking.

In early June Elisa Jasinska and Paolo Lucente started the Network Visibility with Flow Data series. Second part was delivered in autumn, and we’re still waiting for Elisa to return from Caribbean (where she sailed from Poland) for the final episode.

We concluded the first half of 2017 with an update of Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures with significantly expanded physical fabric design section.

Autumn started with two security sessions covering Docker security and DevOps and Security in Enterprise Environments.

I did the regular update of the Data Center Fabrics videos in autumn, and Dinesh Dutt described the new features of Cumulus Linux in later October.

The year concluded with Ethan Banks talking about QoS fundamentals.

Grand total: around 38 hours of new content (not counting the online courses).

Sounds exciting? You can get all of these webinars with the ipSpace.net subscription.

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