Simplifying Products

When I started my project life was simple: I had a few webinars, and you could register for the live sessions. After a while I started adding recordings, subscriptions, bundles, roadmaps (and tracks), books… and a few years later workshops and online courses.

As you can imagine, the whole thing became a hard-to-navigate mess. Right now you can buy almost 70 different products on Time for a cleanup.

Starting with January 1st 2018 you won’t be able to buy individual books, webinars, bundles or webinar tracks, or upgrade from individual webinars you purchased to a subscription.

All that will be left will be:

I understand that some of you don’t want to go for a full subscription, so we’ll add a compact subscription: 10 webinars of your choice at a lower price point. Sometime in 2018 we’ll also add monthly subscription (X hours of new content every month).

These changes won’t impact you if you’re an existing customer. We’ll keep doing live sessions, and you’ll be able to attend them as long as your subscription remains active, but it won’t be possible to buy a ticket for a webinar session.

If you bought individual webinars in the past, they will remain accessible, and you’ll keep getting updated or edited material until I decide to do a total overhaul of that webinar. However, if you planned on buying an individual webinar, do it before January 1st 2018.

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