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Networking Trends Discussion with Andrew Lerner and Simon Richard

In June 2017, we concluded the Building Next Generation Data Center online course with a roundtable discussion with Andrew Lerner, Research Vice President, Networking, and Simon Richard, Research Director, Data Center Networking @ Gartner.

During the first 45 minutes, we covered a lot of topics including:

  • Current state of enterprise networking
  • Is there useful innovation in networking, or is it just vendor hype?
  • Are enterprises moving into the cloud, and how organized are those moves?
  • How do you bring your data closer to compute resources when you move to the cloud?
  • Are new data centers built on-premises or in colocation facilities?
  • Why is automation so hard to implement in enterprise environment?
  • Does GIFEE (Google Infrastructure for Everyone Else) make sense and how can we implement the parts that make sense in enterprise networks?
  • How do you start simplifying the infrastructure and how do you get rid of legacy stuff?
  • How do we move from premium products to premium people?
  • Why are we still ignoring simple best practices like configuration templates and doing controlled rollbacks after a failed change?

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