Teach IPv6 First and Automate the Deployment

In mid-July dr. Olivier Bonaventure (one of the unsung networking heroes who’s always trying to address real-life problems instead of inventing unicorn solutions in search of a problem) sent an email to v6ops mailing list describing how they teach networking.

Short summary for differently-attentive:

  • They start with IPv6 and add IPv4 as an afterthought. They found this is much easier to digest than starting with IPv4 and then trying to unlearn all the bad practices;
  • The advance course includes a real-life design/implementation challenge;
  • The students doing the design/implementation project have to completely automate it; some of them even released their work as open source.

In a word: awesome ;)


  1. For those who are curious since the post was mainly on the advanced networking course, the undergraduate networking textbook that we use is open-source and available from http://cnp3book.info.ucl.ac.be
  2. "differently-attentive" !

    Nice concept I just hope my router dowsn't catch it ...
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