1. HA! When I started this job last year, I was told to create entries in the hosts file on a Windows box. The person who told me to do it had a straight face the entire time.
    1. I hope you used Ansible (or PowerShell) to create the file ;))
  2. 1980? Too early, a large telco was using /etc/hosts file on a Solaris box to do name resolution for their network mgmt devices, inthe high hundreds of devices back in 2003. I left in 2003 so dont know if its still the case. At least they were using RCS for versioning the file. My lack of proficiency with vi/vim and rcs resulted in me deleting a large number of entries and committing the changes. Yikes the HP Openview lit up. Took me 15 minutes to man rcs and figure out how to recover the previous version. Hindsight says DNS is better.
  3. Amen to that.
    One thing that rang true to me from the post is the mention of the “it could take up to 24 hours for DNS information to propagate” complain that we have to keep hearing. Ever heard of fastflux and DGAs in botnets and malware?
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