Save the date: Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Design Workshop in Zurich

Do you believe in vendor-supplied black box (regardless of whether you call it ACI or SDDC) or in building your own data center fabric using solid design principles?

It should be an easy choice if believe a business should control its own destiny instead of being pulled around by vendor marketing (to paraphrase Russ White) , and if you’re looking for some solid design principles, you simply can’t miss the Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Design workshop on November 24th in Zurich, Switzerland (register here).

Designing your own data center fabric is great; rolling it out automatically is even better. Network programmability is playing a big part in the automatic roll-out process – if you want to know more, join the 4th DIGS Next-Gen Infrastructure event in the afternoon of November 24th (also in Zurich).

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person in a bit more than a month!

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