This Is Why I’m Not Doing SD-WAN Webinars

One of my long-time regular readers sent me this question:

I was wondering if you have had any interest in putting together an SD-WAN overview/update similar to what you do with data center fabrics where you cover the different product offerings, differentiators, solution scorecard…

That would be a good idea. Unfortunately the SD-WAN vendors aren’t exactly helping.

One of rules I use in the Data Center Fabrics webinar is “talk about features, not futures” where features are defined as “things described in product documentation on public vendor web site”. This is the list of SD-WAN vendors that would meet the requirements:

This is the list of vendors that claim to have SD-WAN solution in their marketing materials, but I wasn’t able to find any supporting documentation on their web site in September 2016 (in alphabetical order):

  • Cloudgenix
  • Nuage
  • Velocloud
  • Viptela
  • Riverbed

It’s no fun comparing two vendors, so I’ll wait a bit till at least two more of them see the light (there’s also the backlog of other great things I’d like to talk about)

Note: I’ve probably missed something, so please provide more fun links in the comments.


  1. Citrix SD WAN (CloudBridge) has some descent documentation.
  2. How do you define SD-WAN? Granted, many vendors don't provide enough info for independent research, buy you can ask. All of those vendors you mentioned do have, I think, SD-WAN products.
    1. Hi Mike, nice to hear from you!

      I agree with all you wrote, apart from the "you can ask" bit. If a vendor is not ready to publish their documentation online in 2016, I'm not willing to spend my time on researching them.

      Also, I always ask for technical documentation (configuration and design guides) and it's amazing how many times the vendors who contacted me on their own don't want to hear about that.
    2. They have solutions not products.
    3. And solutions don't need documentation, right?
  3. Interesting to see a noted miss (in docs?) on the part of Viptela. We started looking at them because at least one large ISP is already offering services based on their products, which makes one think that they are "mature" enough to be supported at large scale...
    1. I'm positive they have some large deployments. However, I'm not looking till the docs are online ;)
  4. VMware's SD-WAN solution is focused on Datacenter2Cloud Extension use case with built-in services like mass workload migration and DR capabilities. Brought to you by same friends who built vShield & NSX-v and it actually works today :)

    These capabilities are wrapped up in new product - Hybrid Cloud Manager, available with VMware Hybrid Cloud offering (vCloud Air).
    1. Thanks for the comment, will definitely look at the cool new stuff you guys launched!
  5. Citrix doesn't offer their technical documentation online. However, if you sign up for a free trial on the website, they do provide access to documentation to support the trial.
  6. What are the chances that this SD-WAN link arrived in my mailbox this morning:
    1. Awesome. Challenges solved. I'm so glad to hear they did it ;))
    2. Posted some quick comments about recently attended SD-WAN summit on linkedin, will post more comprehensive review when time allows
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  8. Have you looked at Viprinet yet?
    Quick scan on their website also does not show any documentation yet, but any reason they are not on the watchlist?
  9. Is there some update on SD-WAN webinars?
  10. This is really a sad subject. I agree that most people are just doing marketing testing with us while not putting any relevant feature out there.

    I'm yet to find somebody with a comprehensive description of working features.

    They all talk about theoretical benefits, that are indeed interesting in some cases, but it's just an ocean of marketing crap.
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