Setting Terminal Width in Cisco IOS

This must be old news to most of you (I managed to stay away from CLI for way too long), but I was pleasantly surprised that you can set terminal width (not just length) in Cisco IOS.

You probably know the frustrating feeling where Cisco IOS starts truncating the lines you type (replacing the rest of the input with $ sign) because they wouldn’t fit on VT100 screen:

Client(config-router-af)#network route-map Static2BGP
Client(config-router-af)#network mask route-map S$

However, in a moment of inspiration (it helps to have a great view when playing with VIRL) I decided to try to set the terminal width:

Client(config-router-af)#do term width 150

Surprise, surprise: it worked perfectly ;)) – I could edit longer lines without the truncation hassle.

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