1. Ivan,

    It would really help you if you had an MBA in finance or marketing and no actual experience designing networks or configuring network devices. In fact, it would be better if you had never seen a router at all, but your entire experience in computing was using your iPhone. Then you would have a much better idea of what the problem is with networking today, and why network engineers are doing things wrong. I've been thinking this for a while.
    1. Jeff,

      First of all, you might have missed the "Humor" tag of this blog post.

      Second, I would suggest you read a few more of my blog posts - you'll find some along the lines of "what's wrong with networking today", "why is application deployment process broken" and "why is TCP stack broken".

      Finally, thanks for your career recommendation, but I've seen enough damage done by MBA-enabled "managers" that had no clue about the things they were supposed to be managing. I do understand, though, why vendors love MBA-enabled managers - it's easier to bedazzle them with the right buzzwords and sell them the newest pixie dust.

      Also, as I grew a small system integration company into an international multi-million-EUR business, I might know a bit about business, marketing and finance, but of course that cannot be compared to enlightenment achieved through MBA ;)

      Last but definitely not least, whenever I talk with people who build huge networks (and thus actually know what they're doing) that support web-scale applications, they usually agree with me, so we must all be deaf, blind and stupid.
    2. I think Jeff was being sarcastic, imitating the uninformed opinions of people who are not engineers.
    3. In which case it's my turn to apologize for the outburst.

      @Jeff: if that's the case, please use the "sarcasm" tags in the future ;)

  2. How about replacing network engineers with millions of monkeys typing away on adapted CLI interfaces in exchange for bananas?
    Some research has already been done:
    - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_monkey_theorem
    - rationalwiki.org/wiki/Monkey_typewriter_theory
    - ietf.org/rfc/rfc2795.txt
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