So What Exactly Is SDN?

Five years after the SDN hype exploded, it remains as meaningless as Cloud, and it seems that all we’re left with is a plethora of vendors engaged in SDN-washing their products.

Even when a group of highly intelligent engineers considering these topics on a daily basis gets together they don’t get very far apart from a great question: “what business problem is it supposed to solve?” (or maybe they got distracted by irrelevant hot-air opinions).

Is it still worth trying to find a useful definition of SDN? It seems it’s easier to list what SDN is not like I’ll be doing in the free Introduction to SDN webinar on February 10th. Let’s see:

So what’s left? Join me on February 10th and let’s find out. All you have to do is to fill in the registration form on this page and answer a few questions on a follow-up page.


  1. Dear Ivan,

    Will this free webinar be available to view after the broadcast for those that can't make it?

    Thank you,

    1. As explained in "What you'll get" part of webinar description (the link in the blog post), the webinar materials include recording of the live session and downloadable MP4 videos.

      Hope this helps,
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