SDN, SD-WAN and FCoE on Gartner Networking Hype Cycle

Gartner has updated their networking hype cycle. Not surprisingly:

Gartner won’t give you free access to the graph, but you’ll find it in an article published on The Register.


  1. How different is SDN applications from SDN ?. SDN-app seems up be in the upper end of the wave ?
    1. "SDN applications" is an umbrella term. Underneath the umbrella is you, on top of the umbrella is all the unicorn poop falling from the sky. If you use this term in the office, you will get 7 years bad luck.
  2. I got my hands on the full Gartner report today referenced in this Gartner blog post. Somebody around here has been telling us to not stretch VLANs and do all this mumbo jumbo long distance live VMotion for years. I wonder who it could be?
    1. Thanks for the link - now I can put "Blessed by Gartner" on my long-distance vMotion blog posts ;)) Even the wording is almost the same :D
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