Save the Date: Designing Infrastructure for Private Clouds Workshop in Switzerland

Gabi Gerber (the wonderful mastermind behind the Data Center Day event) is helping me bring my Designing Infrastructure for Private Clouds workshop (one of the best Interop 2015 workshops) to Switzerland.

This is the only cloud design workshop I’m running in Europe in 2015. If you’d like to attend it, this is your only chance – register NOW.

The workshop will run in parallel with the Data Center Day, allowing you to attend the keynotes, mingle with the attendees of the Data Center Day during breaks and lunch, and visit the vendors sponsoring the DC day.

To register for the workshop, visit the workshop description page and click the Register link at the very bottom.


  1. Hello Ivan,
    Is there a chance to add the session recording to yearly subscription for people who can't attend physically?
    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the kind nudge. Most of the materials (apart from maybe some glue) are already available in webinar format. Will put together a roadmap and publish the slide deck.

      Best, Ivan
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