Explaining the Mysteries of WiFi and Internet ;)

“Daddy, why is Internet not working even though I have good signal?”
“You really want to know?”
“OK, let me draw a diagram or two ;)”

… and now my 8-year old knows how DHCP and DNS works (root cause was a broken DNS proxy running on upstream $0.99 WAN router).


  1. I think the sad part about this is that I have to try to explain this exact same thing to my college degree'd co-workers who think that WiFi equals internet.
    1. "WiFi = Internet" - yeah, that's exactly the mental model I had to disrupt ;)
  2. Teach a youth about the way (s)he should go;
    even when (s)he is old he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6
  3. In Enterprise Environments things like Proxy and specially with PAC files are even more frustrating :) while things like GSLB (Kind of Extended DNS) adds additional layer of complexity.

    Evil CCIE
  4. Great! I really love this. You 8-year-old will be smarter than mosts CEOs now (at least in one subject area)! haha
  5. Nice drawing. I wish I has one of these coloured diagrams during my school years :)
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