Video: End-to-End High Availability in Dual Stack Networks

One of the topics I discussed in the IPv6 High Availability webinar is the problem of dual-stack deployments – what do you do when the end-to-end path for one of the protocol stacks breaks down. Happy eyeballs is one of the solutions, as is IPv6-only data center (Facebook is moving in that direction really fast). For more details, watch the short End-to-End High Availability in Dual Stack Networks video available with Free Subscription.


  1. Kind of....a dumb question.

    When one has dual stack at the edge, and 6PE in the core, wouldn't that essentially help keep the stacks working properly as long as one can still have labeled routes resolving and pushing traffic?
    1. Yes, the core transport would work properly (or at least IPv4 and IPv6 would break at the same time ;)... unless of course you're running IPv4 natively and IPv6 over MPLS, in which case you already treat them differently.
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