Vendor-Independent European Network Conferences?

One of my readers was trying to find interesting vendor-independent network conferences in Europe. Here are a few I could recommend, please leave your feedback and additional suggestions in the comments!

  • If you’re working in service provider environment (also if you’re a large e-commerce provider or content provider), RIPE is the must-attend conference. RIPE is also running a series of regional meetings (not sure how good those are);
  • Troopers is a fantastic conference, but focused more on security (they do have IPv6-focused days and I’m running SDN/SDDC workshops during Troopers, so you can do some non-beer-focused networking as well);
  • Gabi Gerber is organizing boutique events in Switzerland – if you’re anywhere close, make sure you’ll be at the SDN event in a few days and at the Data Center day in September;
  • Interop is coming to London this year;
  • Tech Unplugged seems to be another interesting event;
  • There are regional IPv6 events – I’m aware of those in Switzerland and Slovenia;
  • In-country Network Operator Groups (NOGs) sometimes organize their own conferences. PLNOG is huge, but unfortunately at least half of the talks – including slides – were in Polish language … and if you happen to be in Slovenia at the right time, you’re always most welcome at SINOG (Slovenian NOG).

I’m positive I’ve missed a number of other smaller events – do leave a comment or two.


  1. as for the NOGs there's also DENOG in Germany:
  2. Terena Networking Conference:
  3. for vendor-independent security conference
  4. I'm going to these sister conferences in Paris next week:

    NFV & SDN Summit
    MPLS SDN World Congress
    V6 World Congress

    I'm presenting at the latter, so I can highly recommend attending. ;-)
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