Evaluation Guide: Encryptors for Metro and Carrier Ethernet

Christoph Jaggi, the author of Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet Encryption Market Overview published an awesome follow-up document: an evaluation guide that lists most of the gotchas one has to be aware of when considering encryption gear, from deployment scenarios, network overhead and key exchange details to operational considerations. If you have to deal with any aspect of network encryption, this document is a must-read.


  1. There were ads in that document ... was it subsidized by the advertisers?
  2. @Frank

    http://www.inside-it.ch acted as publisher and sold some ad space to cover cost. Inside-IT has a strict Code of Ethics, including a Chinese wall. None of the adverstisers saw the publication before it was made available to the general public. You might have noticed, that not a single vendor is named in the entire document and thus no indirect marketing is involved.

    Providing the document for free to the general public was made possible through the ads. The number of ads is limited and the placement is in a way, that does not interefere with the reader's flow. The ads did not have any influence on the content, though. No payments were made by the advertisers to me.

    By providing important evaluation criteria, the document actually might not be in the interest of the sales departments of the advertisers,as the less a customer knows, the easier the sale. The document is rather to the benefit of the (non-paying) reader and potential buyer.

    I had been contracted by Inside-IT
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