Hands-On Tail-F Experience on Software Gone Wild

Tail-F NCS implements one of the most realistic approaches to service abstraction (the cornerstone of SDN – at least in my humble opinion) – an orchestration system that automates service provisioning on existing infrastructure.

Is the product really as good as everyone claims? How hard is it to use? How steep is the learning curve? Boštjan Šuštar and Marko Tišler from NIL Data Communications have months of hands-on experience and were willing to share it in Episode 22 of Software Gone Wild.


  1. amazing product...the best part is multi vendor support...just started playing with it
  2. What a great show! It is surreal to hear people that obviously know NCS really well talk about it in their own words. I learned a couple of things :-)
  3. This obviously looks like an amazing product.
    But what, other than some more transactions not related to Netconf, does it offer that isn't already in ODL?
    1. Maybe you should look at what's actually shipping with ODL ;)
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