Should I Really Program My Network?

In my presentation @ SDN Meetup in Stockholm, I tried to answer a simple question: “Should I really program my network?” and obviously had to start with an even simpler one: “What is SDN?

The video of the presentation is already available on YouTube, and you can watch the slides on my content web site.

Also, make sure you watch other presentations from that event, particularly David Barroso’s SDN Internet Router.


  1. There are still savings to be realized from white label switches. Assuming your needs a fairly simple, a Cumulus-powered Dell switch is going to be far cheaper than a corresponding Cisco model.

    You talked about margin shifting and that's true. However, the CapEx on these "dumb" switches is far lower than any of the big vendors.
    1. "Can I save money with white box switches?" is a completely separate question from "what is SDN?"
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