1. Hi Ivan,

    I think it is very generous to give free access to your book and I'm really willing to read it as I like very much your blog and all the usefull info you provide. The only thing anoying is that I need to be registered and need a google account (which I don't have) to access it... which make me think to one of your article (there you see that I'm a regular reader :-) ) http://blog.ipspace.net/2010/09/hiding-documentation-will-they-never.html
    Do you think it is possible to get the book without a google account?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Well, you don't need a Google account. If you ever registered for any of my webinars (even the free ones), you can use that email address to log in.

      All I need is some user identification to watermark the copy, and I have no intention wasting my time creating yet another "register here for your free copy" form.
  2. Not just Google mind you. Google+
    I do everything I can to avoid that shambles of a social network.
    Thanks anyway, Ivan
  3. Thanks Ivan for the book.
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