FlipIT Cloud: Orchestrating IT-as-a-Service on Software Gone Wild

Imagine being an IT administrator running a multi-tenant enterprise environment (example: an SMB business center). How many things would you have to configure to add a new tenant? How about adding a new user for an existing tenant?

The engineers behind the scenes of FlipIT cloud service ended up with a 40-page configuration guide when they started the service years ago… and obviously decided full-blown automation is the only way to go.

In Episode 14 of Software Gone Wild Gordan Božičević and Mitja Bezenšek described their path from day-long manual configuration process to fully-automated self-service portal provisioning everything from virtual desktops, applications, servers, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, Cisco Call Manager, VoIP phones, firewalls and even remote office routers and switches.

Enjoy the podcast, visit FlipITCloud.com to get more information, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Software Gone Wild feed.

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