Data Center Design Case Studies on Amazon – Take 2

In July I wrote about an Amazon Kindle version of my Data Center Design Case Studies book and complained about their royalties model. Someone quickly pointed out how to adapt to their system: split the book into multiple volumes and charge $9.99 for each.

It took me months to get there, but the first two volumes are finally on Amazon:

  • Volume I covers WAN edge connectivity, including data center interconnects, BGP and DMVPN scalability;
  • Volume II covers cloud infrastructure, including server connectivity, scale-out network security solutions, and scale-out cloud infrastructure architectures;
  • Volume III (once it’s complete) will cover virtual appliances, active/active data centers and a few other interesting topics.
The book is also available on other Amazon Kindle stores - you'll easily find it by name.

The three volumes will have the exactly same content as the PDF version of the book you can buy on my web site. The complete book will no longer be available on Amazon; if you bought it (thank you!) you’ll continue getting updates as I write new chapters.

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