Just Published: Brocade VCS Fabric Videos

The Data Center Fabric Architectures update session in late June included a whole new section on Brocade’s VCS fabric and new features they added in Network OS 4.0. The edited videos have been published and cover these topics:

  • Hardware overview, including port counts, table sizes and an overview of L2 and L3 forwarding features;
  • VCS fabric architecture and sizing guidelines;
  • FSPF routing and TRILL forwarding in VCS fabric;
  • ECMP load balancing and link aggregation;
  • Spanning tree integration with VCS fabric;
  • IP routing and forwarding, including VRF support and extended VRRP;
  • Metro VCS (VCS fabric between data centers);
  • Virtual fabrics;
  • Auto-Migrating Port Profiles and the VMware vSphere integration;
  • VMware NSX-compatible VXLAN gateway

The videos are available to all active subscribers and users who registered for a Data Center Fabric Architectures webinar session or bought the webinar recording any time in the past.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    In the first video, you introduce the new Brocade VDX6740 switchs and state that they don't have FC ports.

    I'm sorry to correct on this, but it's wrong as some (if not all !?! I can't seem to remember) of the 48 10G ports can be used as FC switchs. I believe it's something that will be available with the release of NOS5.0 if memory serves.

    Best regards.

    1. It seems I'll have to include the standard disclaimer slide into every video - the one saying "this video describes features, not futures" ;)

      Thanks for the notice, will update the slides once the FC/10GE ports get supported by NOS.
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