Network Programmability with David Gee on Software Gone Wild

For the second episode of Software Gone Wild I got a truly interesting guest: David Gee, a network engineer already working on numerous network programmability and orchestration deployment.

During our half-hour chat we couldn’t avoid the question of whether every networking engineer will become a programmer and David provided an interesting answer: you don’t have to program, but you’ll definitely have to start thinking more like a good programmer.

We also talked about multi-vendor deployments, avoiding lock-in with abstraction layers, building trust, and pre-deployment tests, so make sure you listen to the whole podcast. If you want to more even more, read David’s blog or follow him on Twitter… and don’t forget to subscribe to Software Gone Wild and rate us on iTunes.


  1. Hey Ivan, I can't seem to download this one, there isn't a link on this page or anywhere else I can find. I'm old school so no iTunes and no RSS reader.
    1. Interesting - there's an audio tag at the bottom of the blog post that shows the "play me" bar in all browsers I tested. Are you using some interesting version of Firefox on Linux?

      OTOH, thanks for the tip - will add "Listen" link to all podcast blog posts.
  2. OK, I pulled out of the RSS plain text:
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