VMware NSX: Defining the Problem

Every good data center presentation starts with redefining The Problem and my VMware NSX Architecture webinar was no exception – the first section describes Infrastructure-as-a-Service Networking Requirements.

I sprinted through this section during the live session, the video with longer (and more detailed) explanation comes from the Overlay Virtual Networking webinar.


  1. Great overview of what overlay networking is all about. I expect to see a lot of FUD come out of the Cisco camp once the Insieme products start to be announced and roll out.

    I will say I am more of a fan of Juniper's Contrail and ALU's Nuage offerings than NSX for a pure OpenStack deployment, but obviously those don't exist for VMWare as of yet. Contrail especially since it just uses standard L3VPNs and MPLSoGRE, I already have it working with a pair of MX960s and ASR9Ks, even a SRX650 firewall in the same overlay network. The use of XMPP to distribute member router, etc. to vrouters is highly scalable as well.
  2. I would argue that the "defining the problem" is not a technical discussion. Rather, the need for software defined network overlays (NSX) is driven by the overhead of current network implementation and orchestration. Compute and virtualization teams are now demanding a network that keeps pace with compute virtualization.

    As physical compute and storage have been commoditized, datacenter networking will be soon.
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